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Research shows that many health problems are related to sitting for long periods of time. And we strongly believe a good office chair is a good investment for your money and same as an office stand desk no matter you work at home or in office. You will be really enjoy switching from sitting to standing whenever you are feeling sore from sitting for too long. Sometimes, even in the most expensive and fanciest of chairs, you may still get a little antsy or fidgety after long time working. So switching the electric standing desk button between sitting and standing helps alleviates that problem for you.

1-Why electric standing desk is getting popular?

Sure if you don’t have a standing desk, just stretching or taking a water break may be enough. However, if you are deep in some work, standing at desk stretch legs and pace around and may not be helpful to keep you focus on work. Then you might need a standing desk. Since sitting at desk is just as important as standing at desk, some permanent standing desks or any manual standing desks that require a lot of effort or time to adjust. Sure you could use a high chair with a permanent standing desk but getting good ergonomics out of a high chair can be quite challenging. Manual crank standing desks do allow you to switch between sitting and standing and are usually quite a bit cheaper. But the process of cranking, slow and a burden that resulted in people may being lazy and not bothering to switch as much.

Tabletop risers are also an option, and are probably the only solution for those stuck in small rooms where you can’t switch out to a new desk. 

So for most people, if you want to get a standing desk you should probably save up for a fully electric motorized standing desk no matter working at home or in office. The good thing though is that budget electric standing desks are pretty widely available these days.

Though there are some key things that we’d look out for before you go and just buy the standing desk in the market.

2-What key things should be considered when we buy a standing desk?

2.1-Memory buttons on the controller

Like memory buttons, which is on the control panel. Definitely get a desk with a memory button if you can. One click to stand, One click to sit. Simple, and completely worth it. Just press it, let it run and you would enter working status quickly and improve work efficiency. There is no doubt that 2 memory buttons is good enough for a single user but more is better especially if have multiple people using the same standing desk and need different heights. 

2.2-Height range for the standing desk

Next, check height range for the desk. Normally the minimum height is 750mm for sitting and usually the maximum is 1100mm for standing. You can adjust it arbitrarily within the limited height rang to accommodate any standing or siting height you need. As to the depth of the standing desk normally is 600mm and thickness is 25mm.

2.3-About noise

Using a standing desk at home for personal use or in office, noise for the motors really isn’t an issue. At the office on the other hand, in open concept, you might ignore the sound from your workmate sitting next to you when she/he is adjusting the desk height. Normally, people don’t move the desk up and down all day long. If you work at home, it seems it’s attractive for naughty kids as the desk could be up and down with just pressing button. We have set that the desk would be in sleep state for 5 minutes after finishing adjustment. The naughty kids couldn’t wait that long and will stay away from the desk.

2.4-Table top and desk base

A lot of companies will sell their motorized legs and tabletops separately. So do we, to only buy table top or desk base with height adjustable function is available. To choose MDF/MCF table top you want is welcome. As to the table top colors , we have normally white, natural wood,walnut and also other customized colors. Four white legs desk base is most popular one and also the most cost-effective one. For sure, we have more other options and please feel free to contact with us for details.

2.5-Motor and control panel

Even single motor is almost smooth enough for desk height adjustment but 2 is better, it depends on the budget of your project. The controller is normally on the right side of the desk, you could choose metal or plastic material. LED controller is also an very nice option for manager or director desk.

3-Some advises when using a standing desk

3.1-Protect the motor. when you install the standing desk, do not hit the motor by sharp objects or drop on the floor.

3.2-Cable length. The cables need to be long enough for using and accommodate the adjustment of the standing table. As when you use a standing desk and adjust it to the highest top, cables length should be longer than the usual ones.

3.3-Notice the load bearing range of the table top. Even desk base is metal and it’s strong enough to hold the table top. But we still suggest to read the manual kindly and get the detail data of table top load bearing range.

3.4-Overheat protection. There’s overheat protection procedure for the motor, if user keeps operating the motor over 2 minutes, to protect the motor, it would stop running and wake up again after a while, it could be 2 or 5 minutes. Get this information from manual or vendors.

3.5-One or two motors standing desk? For home working and less budget, one motor is enough. For office building project, one motor standing desks for staffs and two for managers. This is a more economical purchasing advise. For more options, please feel free to contact with us and we could offer full project solution.

Considering all of these, at least the standing desk wasn’t a fad that eventually got bored with and people still very much continue to switch between sitting and standing regularly. If I had to make the decision today I’d still definitely spend the extra cash to get another electric standing desk all over again. How about you?


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